It’s Not Beer League Without Drunk Refs…Right?

Get a load of this drunk bro just floating around and reffing the shit out of this game. I know half of us already think the refs are drunk, stupid, or blind but this dude isn’t holding back. He is hammered and wants you to know it.

This Beer League has the 2nd Greatest Trophy Ever, The Stanley Keg

This men’s league is on a whole other level with the Stanley Keg given to the first place season champs. I wish I never saw this because the league I play in doesn’t have it. I can’t go on without it. I need it, the Stanley Keg must be mine. It glorious.

What Do You Think About This Beer League Team That Made a 24/7 Video Documentary About Themselves?

I have to admit, they did sum up warm-ups perfectly, “two-minutes of prentending to stretch and going bar-down on a goalie that isn’t paying attention.”

6 Reasons Your Girl Hates Men’s League

I’m sure there are a million reasons why your lady might hate that you play men’s league, but here are some of the most common that almost anyone can relate to.  Continue reading

I Don’t Know How I Feel About This “How To Be A Beer League Hockey Player” Video

Some things were spot on and some where so far off. All in all, not a bad try though. Best line in the video, “I’ve heard better chirps from a dead bird”.