6 Tips To Help You Win Your Fantasy Hockey League

I like helping others, so here’s six tips that will help anyone win there fantasy hockey league.  Continue reading


Why You Need To Add Reilly Smith To Your Fantasy Squad

If your fantasy squad needs some extra offense, then you need to add this guy like yesterday. Here’s why… Continue reading

And The Mid-Season Fantasy Hockey Awards Go To…

So we’re just about half way through the season, which means it’s time to give out the mid-season fantasy awards. Check out the winners. Continue reading

If You Play Fantasy Hockey and Don’t Use DailyFaceoff You’re an Idiot

No, this is not an promo. I’m honestly just making sure that everyone that plays fantasy hockey knows about this site, cause it’s fucking useful. Continue reading

Need a Fantasy Hockey Goalie? Panthers Name Timmy T the Starter. You’re Welcome.

How many people slept on this guy during their fantasy hockey draft? I know I did. Well, wake up and pick this dude up before it’s too late. Yes, he won’t get many wins, but he’s gonna see a ton of shots and he’s Timmy Fuckin T. The dude is a stud goaltender. Definitely second or third goalie material.

Look Into The Face of Fantasy Perfection. If You’re Not Afraid, You Will Be.

I give you Team Kane I Get A Hell Yeah. Both Kane’s, Noseface Killa, The Nasher, Seth Mother Fucker Jones, Big Wayne, Zach Pretty Boy Parise, the list just goes on and on. YES, my defenders are pathetic mess and my back up goalies are sketchy as fuck, but show me a team with a better offense. I dare you. Tweet your team to @HAHockey.

The Cup is mine!