About the Blog

High Action Hockey was made for die hard hockey players and fans like myself. We’re not in the pros. We play men’s league, high school, college, and beer league puck. We love all the same shit, hockey banter, booze, awesome goals, huge hits, fantasy sports, and video games. So that’s what we cover. Simple as that.

Help us grow our fan base!

Help this blog grow into something great. I want this blog to be a team effort so e-mail me anything. I mean it, ANYTHING! I will look at it and if it’s good I WILL post it no joke. You can send videos, pictures, stories, I don’t care. Just do it.

Send everything to HighActionHockey@Gmail.com.

A Little About Myself

There’s a couple things you should know about me before you go and read all the shit I post so here it goes. I love hockey and have played all my life. I think I know everything. I’m a hot head with a strong opinion. I like to swear, it’s fun to me. I was born and raised in Massachusetts and I’m a die-hard Bruins fan. I slurp Patrick Kane, he’s my favorite player. I hate the Canucks and the Canadians (doesn’t mean I don’t respect them). I think Crosby is the most talented whiny bitch I’ve ever seen and Ovi is the Lebron of hockey. I honestly believe hockey players get more girls than any other athlete in any other sport. Period. No question. End of story.

Well, that pretty much wraps it up. Keep that stuff in mind when you read and comment on the blog. Please comment by the way, there’s nothing worse than a bunch of shy readers too scared to throw their opinions in. Enjoy!


One thought on “About

  1. I play with a group of 60 plus year old players in Bobcaygeon Ontario and every week it amazes me how skilled and the pace of the games. All different skill levels from a guy who played on Bobby Orr’s Oshawa Generals JR A team to a couple of guys in their eighties who give it there all and beam like little kids if they score a goal. Gotta Love IT.

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