It’s Not Beer League Without Drunk Refs…Right?

Get a load of this drunk bro just floating around and reffing the shit out of this game. I know half of us already think the refs are drunk, stupid, or blind but this dude isn’t holding back. He is hammered and wants you to know it.

This Beer League has the 2nd Greatest Trophy Ever, The Stanley Keg

This men’s league is on a whole other level with the Stanley Keg given to the first place season champs. I wish I never saw this because the league I play in doesn’t have it. I can’t go on without it. I need it, the Stanley Keg must be mine. It glorious.

This SPHL Goalie Was Not F*cking Around With This Wobble Dance

Ooooh kill’em! The NCAA isn’t the only place with white boy swag. Just look at this tendy’s wobble dance featuring the ice girls. swag on top of swag on top of swag. It’s already hard enough to look good on the dance floor. Cover me in hockey pads and it’s nearly impossible. This bro is droppin it low and taking names. Every single ice girl got some tendy love after this one.

Let’s Breakdown This Drunk Leafs Fan Running Onto The Ice After Last Night’s Loss

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Normally I wouldn’t post something like this. Random drunk bro acts a fool at sporting event. Nothing new here, we’ve all seen it. But this vine has a couple things that need to be explained.

First, is that a question mark on the back of his jersey? Did we just witness the return of the Riddler? When you see a guy show up to the game in a question mark Leafs jersey you need to be prepared for him to slam beers and storm the ice.

Second, someone needs to slap the dude yelling “leave him alone” like the drunk guy was getting man-handled by security. Open your eyes bro, the guy might as well have gotten a red carpet laid out for him on his way out. Security didn’t do anything but point to the exit and help him off the ice. You what happens when you storm a soccer, baseball, or football field? You get truck-sticked, your face shoved in the ground, and tasered until your nuts turn purple. This dude got off easy.

Lastly, the happy drunk guy sprint to ass-slide combo was flawless. It translated perfectly onto the ice. Flawless execution. 10 out of 10.

PS…IAmToddyTickles might be the creepiest Instagram name of all time.