This Week Was The Perfect Example of How Hockey Is One Big Family

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Moments when it’s more than a game. It’s family. Hockey is a brotherhood like no other. Continue reading


Remember the Fight Scene Between Doug Glatt and Ross The Boss Rhea? Well, It Just Happened In Real Life. Must Watch Fight!

Zero blocking, zero defense.  Just absolute face carnage. And you have to appreciate the sportsmanship at the end. Only in hockey can two minutes of skull crushing end with a hug and a pat on the back. Nobody lost that fight, they were both winners in my book. Good fucking show!

PS…These refs are so old school and I love it. No pussy shit. Let em go until someone drops. Somebody get these guys calling NHL games immediately.

Look at the Dallas Ice Girls after Seguin’s hatty last night and tell me he isn’t zamboning every last one of them…

Tyler Seguin just being Tyler Seguin. I have a full-blown man crush on this man and I don’t care who knows it. He’s just crushing the shit out of life. This is his world we are just living in it. 66 points in 62 games this season. I would just like to take another second and give a nice big FUCK YOU to all the haters that jumped all over me when I said the Seguin trade was a terrible move. Booze, bitches, drugs, parties…doesn’t matter. Goals, on top of goals, on top of goals.

One of the Biggest High School Hockey Hits You Will Ever See

Holy hell, that was massive! That high school bro came in like a heat seeking missile. He went all-out terminator on that kid. Just look at him slowly lock on his target and blow it to smithereens. I can’t believe this guy’s head didn’t explode. No one is getting up after a pounding like that, no one.