This Week Was The Perfect Example of How Hockey Is One Big Family

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Moments when it’s more than a game. It’s family. Hockey is a brotherhood like no other.

There was a big scare last night when Peverley collapsed on the bench in the first period due to heart problems. The Stars bench went into a frenzy as players screamed for help and for play to stop immediately. Medical staff rushed Pev to the hospital and the game was postponed. Luckily Pev is now okay and in stable condition. The game was postponed. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a game postponed like that. The players on both sides didn’t want to play, coaches didn’t want to coach. The game wasn’t a concern anymore. The health of their fallen puck brother was all that mattered. Full Story here.

It’s times like these that show why hockey cliches are more that just talk. They’re real. I mean look at all these NHL twitter accounts wishing Pev a quick recovery. The NHL Network even gave Pev and the medical staff last night’s first star. And in perfect hockey fashion, once Pev came back to consciousness, he was asking when he could back in the game. What an absolute beast. Get better my dude!

I’m sure you heard this heartbreaking story earlier this week. If not, this is how it went down. After the Michigan D1 state semifinal game between Grandville and Detroit Catholic Central. Grandville’s captain, Ryan Fischer, had died the night before of an enlarged heart. This kid was really amazing…captain of both the football and hockey teams, 4.0 student, accepted to both the Naval Academy, as well as West Point..and, the night before this game, he went to sleep and never woke up. Some really sad stuff. After the game, the Grandville team took a second to remember their captain, and, showing that the hockey world truly is one big family, the CC players came by to pay their respects as well. Full story here.


4 thoughts on “This Week Was The Perfect Example of How Hockey Is One Big Family

  1. Seeing the coverage of Peverley was an eerie reminder of the same thing happening to former Red Wings d-man Jiri Fischer back in 2005.

  2. I live in Grandville and this was a rough week for the kids at the high school. Along with losing Ryan Fischer a female student lost her battle with cancer just days before he passed. I didn’t know either student as my kids aren’t even in elementary school yet, but the loss of 2 great young people has definitely hurt the community. Great gesture by the Catholic Central team after their game against Grandville.

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