This Beer League has the 2nd Greatest Trophy Ever, The Stanley Keg

This men’s league is on a whole other level with the Stanley Keg given to the first place season champs. I wish I never saw this because the league I play in doesn’t have it. I can’t go on without it. I need it, the Stanley Keg must be mine. It glorious.


6 Reasons Your Girl Hates Men’s League

I’m sure there are a million reasons why your lady might hate that you play men’s league, but here are some of the most common that almost anyone can relate to.  Continue reading

Rate That Goal – Brunner’s Slash, Dangle, Goal

Damien Brunner last night. Welcome to Dangle City my friend. Grab a drink.

Gray Hair On His Balls and Ice In His Veins.

With one shot, Jagr became the all-time game-winning goals leader with 122, and passed Yzerman (now 9) on the all-time goals list with 693. That’s a lot of fucking goals. Continue reading

Rivalry Night Recap: The Rangers Are Straight Embarrassing At Home

Yep. Pretty much sums up Ranger fans right now.

Okay, this is getting hard to watch. Six games into their nine game home-stand and the Rangers are 1-5? 1-5 bro? Really? Continue reading

Get A Load of This Michigan Man’s Own Personal Outdoor Hockey Rink Paradise He’s Been Working on For 20 Years (15 Photos)

Regulation size ice, regulation size boards, two stadium lights, and a warming shed packed with hockey gear to shoot the shit in when it’s too cold. This dude went balls out, and I’m jealous as fuck. Any hockey player’s backyard paradise. View all the rink photos