Let’s Breakdown This Drunk Leafs Fan Running Onto The Ice After Last Night’s Loss


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Normally I wouldn’t post something like this. Random drunk bro acts a fool at sporting event. Nothing new here, we’ve all seen it. But this vine has a couple things that need to be explained.

First, is that a question mark on the back of his jersey? Did we just witness the return of the Riddler? When you see a guy show up to the game in a question mark Leafs jersey you need to be prepared for him to slam beers and storm the ice.

Second, someone needs to slap the dude yelling “leave him alone” like the drunk guy was getting man-handled by security. Open your eyes bro, the guy might as well have gotten a red carpet laid out for him on his way out. Security didn’t do anything but point to the exit and help him off the ice. You what happens when you storm a soccer, baseball, or football field? You get truck-sticked, your face shoved in the ground, and tasered until your nuts turn purple. This dude got off easy.

Lastly, the happy drunk guy sprint to ass-slide combo was flawless. It translated perfectly onto the ice. Flawless execution. 10 out of 10.

PS…IAmToddyTickles might be the creepiest Instagram name of all time.


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Look at the Dallas Ice Girls after Seguin’s hatty last night and tell me he isn’t zamboning every last one of them…

Tyler Seguin just being Tyler Seguin. I have a full-blown man crush on this man and I don’t care who knows it. He’s just crushing the shit out of life. This is his world we are just living in it. 66 points in 62 games this season. I would just like to take another second and give a nice big FUCK YOU to all the haters that jumped all over me when I said the Seguin trade was a terrible move. Booze, bitches, drugs, parties…doesn’t matter. Goals, on top of goals, on top of goals.

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