The USA Hockey Blog 2 – USA Defeats Russia, Oshie Becomes American Hero, Tourney Bracket Revealed, Power Rankings and USA Three Stars of the Weekend

TJ Oshie becomes a American hero. Kessel gets a hat-trick. The tournament bracket is out, take a looksy. I give my power rankings right now and USA’s three stars of the weekend. 

Birth of TJ Oshie, American demi-god – What Oshie did during that eight-round shootout was special. It was the kind of shit you get chills watching. That game will turn any hockey hater into a fan, I don’t care who your are. That moment put Oshie on the hockey map. He’s going to need to bring a couple extra sticks back to the states to fend off the line of puck bunnies waiting to blow him the second he gets off the plane.

You’re not a big deal until the Pres gives you props.

TJ’s girlfriend…American hero

TJ Broshie is the biggest hockey bro in the history of big hockey bros…

Phil Kessel is still my USA MVP – Slovenia was the Kessel show. He put up a hatty and is the USA points leader with four goals and three assists so far. I love how the dude looks like a fat slob but plays hockey like a bald eagle. He’s playing straight up inspired hockey right now and it’s fucking great. If I had to rank the USA lines I would have to put Kessel, JVR and Pavelski at the top. The three have a combined 15 points so far and are getting hotter every game. The rest of the world should be scared.

Kessel is so hot Brown wants to trade sticks with him.

Embedded image permalink

Kessel and his sister are straight up dominating the Olympics

Olympic shootout rules are amazing – I just have to take a second and say that I’m in love with how shootouts go down in the Olympics. I mean that shit was great. Not something that would fit into the NHL but absolutely perfect for the Olympics.

Callahan knows his job – bring the energy. Plain and simple and no one does it better.

We have a two-game bye – USA locked up a bye and gets some valuable rest time before the Quarterfinals.

Miller gets start against Slovenia – I know it was just Slovenia but it was still good to see the old dog get a start, and play very solid too.

Three stars of the weekend:

1.) TJ Oshie – went from fairly unknown to American hero. No one deserves the number one slot more.

2.) Phil Kessel – USA points leader and playing some of the best hockey in the tournament so far.

3.) Joe Pavelski – providing the fuel for Kessel to feed off of. He’s the X-facter on our top line.

The competition…

Canada (2 wins, no loses, and 1 overtime win)is winning of course, but I don’t think they look as good as they did four years ago. I’m sorry, the dominance just isn’t there for me this time around. I would admit it if it was there but it isn’t. I don’t care if you’re Canadian, you can’t tell me you haven’t been nervous this entire tournament. I mean you almost dropped the ball to Finland. I know Finland isn’t bad but you’re fucking Canada. I expect better. I’m not scared of you right now.

Russia (2 wins, 1 overtime loss) is still a top dog in the tournament for sure, even after the loss to USA and barely beating Slovakia 1-0. I still think they have the biggest offensive fire power in the tournament, they just haven’t unleashed it. They’re like a group of evil scientists with the perfect plan for world domination but can’t figure out how to press the start button.

Sweden  (3 wins, no losses) is looking great. Too great. Maybe the one team I’m a little scared of right now. I feel like they are the most underrated of the the top four. Their squad is filled with NHLers, Karlsson is a man on a fucking mission and Lundqvist can put up a shutout on any night.

The tourney bracket was put up today too. Take a looksy 

Olympic Hockey bracket 1

My power rankings right now:

1.) USA

2.) Sweden

3.) Canada

4.) Russia

5.) Finland

Next up, the Chzechs. Check out SportsInteraction’s Olympic hockey schedule for my information.


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