One of the Biggest High School Hockey Hits You Will Ever See

Holy hell, that was massive! That high school bro came in like a heat seeking missile. He went all-out terminator on that kid. Just look at him slowly lock on his target and blow it to smithereens. I can’t believe this guy’s head didn’t explode. No one is getting up after a pounding like that, no one.


Huge Hit Alert! – Miller Tosses Brown

Pretty much sums up Brown’s season. I mean what’s the deal bro? Why are you soft as puppy shit all of a sudden? Keep in mind this is a rookie taking you the fuck out. Just look at Miller toss him like this week’s garbage. Brown better get his shit together for Sochi because he looks like a bucket of dicks right now.

Huge Hit Alert! – Boychuk Blows Up JVR Sending His Glove Flying Into The Stands

I feel like Johnny B doesn’t get enough credit for being one of the hardest hitters in the league. I feel like I watch this guy destroy someone every week. The dude is made of rock and hits like a fucking rhinoceros.

P.S…I love that the B’s fans threw it back too.