One of the Biggest High School Hockey Hits You Will Ever See

Holy hell, that was massive! That high school bro came in like a heat seeking missile. He went all-out terminator on that kid. Just look at him slowly lock on his target and blow it to smithereens. I can’t believe this guy’s head didn’t explode. No one is getting up after a pounding like that, no one.


Big Hit! – Edler Buries Briere.

Damn! Here I am thinking the Canucks are nothing but pretty boys and then Edler lays the hit stick all over Montreal. Good to see someone dishing the boom on this squad. Pretty sure Briere died for a second.

Huge Hit Alert! – Miller Tosses Brown

Pretty much sums up Brown’s season. I mean what’s the deal bro? Why are you soft as puppy shit all of a sudden? Keep in mind this is a rookie taking you the fuck out. Just look at Miller toss him like this week’s garbage. Brown better get his shit together for Sochi because he looks like a bucket of dicks right now.

Huge Hit Alert! – Boychuk Blows Up JVR Sending His Glove Flying Into The Stands

I feel like Johnny B doesn’t get enough credit for being one of the hardest hitters in the league. I feel like I watch this guy destroy someone every week. The dude is made of rock and hits like a fucking rhinoceros.

P.S…I love that the B’s fans threw it back too.