This Week Was The Perfect Example of How Hockey Is One Big Family

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Moments when it’s more than a game. It’s family. Hockey is a brotherhood like no other. Continue reading


Dallas Stars Announcer With The Most Outrageous Sports Analogy in the History of Sports Analogies

Here I am thinking Jack Edwards was the only hockey mad man with a microphone and then this guy comes in like a ball of fire straight out of crazy town with the most absurd sports analogy ever. Watch the video (0:33).

Canadien’s Dale Weise After Eating A Skate Last Night

Holy shit bro your face. That’s miserable. Think about all the little things that instantly suck after getting stitches like that. Smiling, eating, talking, brushing your teeth, it all hurts. That dude has to hate life right now and here comes Parros just trolling all over him with this tweet too. Hilarious.