Introducing AirBlade, The Life-Sized Air Hockey Sport

Mad Geniuses Create Life-Sized Air Hockey

So some Michigan bros are trying to make this a thing. Watch this and tell me what you think. Continue reading


One of the Biggest High School Hockey Hits You Will Ever See

Holy hell, that was massive! That high school bro came in like a heat seeking missile. He went all-out terminator on that kid. Just look at him slowly lock on his target and blow it to smithereens. I can’t believe this guy’s head didn’t explode. No one is getting up after a pounding like that, no one.

Canadian Hockey Ref In Trouble After Slamming 12 Year Old Player To The Ice And Breaking His Wrist

First things first, someone needs to slap that mom right in the mouth. I can’t stand this lady going all crazy like the ref rock bottomed the kid out cold. I watched the video like ten times and that’s not what happened. The kid swung at another player and the ref pulled him to the ground. It’s not his fault the kid went down like a sack of potatoes and fell on his wrist. That was just some unlucky bullshit. Things happen. Lighten up Canada. Though I did love the coach bull rushing the ref. Perfect form tackle. Somebody get this pussy a NFL contract. The USA is going to be the ref and Canada the kid on Friday. Just wait and see.

Barstool Gets To The Bottom Of How Some Dude Was Able To Play Pond Hockey On The Capital Reflecting Pool


Skating on the Capital’s reflecting pool might be the biggest power move in the history of pond hockey. When this first came up on reddit I was in shock and wasn’t sure if it was a fake. Guess what, it’s real and this guy is forever a bonified thug in my book. Continue reading

College Goalie Gives Up 200-Foot Game Losing Goal While Chatting With Fans

I know the video quality is shitty, but I had to post it. I mean what the fuck was this tool thinking? It’s overtime and you’re just shooting the shit with the fans. C’mon bro. Selena Gomez better be over in the corner if you’re going to ditch your squad in OT. I mean you’re the goalie bro. The fucking goaling. You know, the only thing standing between the puck and the net…

Pee-Wee Player Blindsides Kid For Taunting His Team

I love when these little Pee-Wee dudes loose their cool, it never gets old. Watch this little bundle of hate charge down the ice, take out another kid, and go no mercy on his face. That kid will never taunt another team for the rest of his life. Lesson learned.