6 Reasons Your Girl Hates Men’s League

I’m sure there are a million reasons why your lady might hate that you play men’s league, but here are some of the most common that almost anyone can relate to. 

You’re out having fun with your friends while she’s bored at home (the late game is the worst).

Just a typical female move right here. They don’t want you to have fun unless they had something to do with it. Smiles are not allowed unless she was the one that put in on your face. You know how it works, if she doesn’t have plans then you shouldn’t have plans. At least that’s how women THINK it works.

You smell.

We get it, our gear smells like hot sweat and ass. Just deal with it ladies because we aren’t washing our gear anytime soon. If you can’t get used to it just run away, far away.

You drink after the game.

It’s all fun and games when you’re both drunk together, but when it’s just you it’s an issue. There’s no hiding it either. The second you walk in the door your girl transforms into Sherlock Holmes. She can spot your drunk ass from a mile away. It’s a skill girls are born with. I don’t even think being drunk actually makes girls mad, (unless you have a drinking problem) they just get some kind of enjoyment out of finding out if your drunk like they cracked some kind of unsolved mystery or something.

She has to listen to you talk about the game.

This one is on us guys. If your girl is cool with you going out and playing some puck and getting drunk with the boys, don’t come home and bore her with the details of the game. She doesn’t care, she just doesn’t. Yes, some girls might, but most don’t. Keep the locker room talk where it belongs, the locker room.

You’re too tired to do anything when you get home.

When you get home after a long game and a couple hours of drinking all you want to do is hit the couch and enter into an all-night food coma. Unfortunately, your lady has other plans. She wants attention, she wants to go out, she’s finally in the mood for sex. Well isn’t that just convenient.

She thinks you spend too much money on hockey.

This one might get under my skin the most. Girls can start a fire with how much they swipe their cards on things like clothes, make-up and over-priced mocha lattes. “But they make me happy”, she says. Well, hockey makes us happy so don’t get on us for throwing cash at it. Pretend I went to the mall if it makes it easier for you to understand, and no I didn’t get you anything.

[Written by: Blazer]

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