Hey USA, Look Into The Face Of Your Starting Tender

It was announced that Quick will be the USA starting tendy. Are we fucked? I’ve heared a lot of people are nervous about the decision because he hasn’t played his best hockey since winning the Cup and Ryan Miller has been a worthy and reliable tendy for multiple Olympics.

That being said, I have faith in Quick. I know he doesn’t have the sparkling Olympic resume, but Miller is getting old and Quick is the future. Yes, I know Miller put up solid numbers behind Buffalo’s joke of a team and Quick has been hurting for a good chunk of the season, but I gotta believe he’s healthy again and showed it enough to win the starting position. I mean they’re not going to sit Miller on the bench unless they have a good reason to right?

I look at this as a win-win situation. We either get Quick in postseason cup-run form where he was an absolute beast/brick wall/demi-god, or he fucks it all up and plays like shit and we go back to old reliable Miller. But wait, that could cost the USA a game if Quick doesn’t rise to the occasion. Damn, now I’m nervous too. Just don’t fuck this up Quick, we are all counting on you. In Quick we trust.

What do you think?

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