Isles Get The Magic Line They Needed, Promptly Offer Vanek a Shit Deal To F*ck Everything Up

The Isles reportely offered Vanek a deal to remain in New York. The the only problem was that the offer was identical to the one he already has (7 years, $50 Million). Vanek, like any stud athlete on the planet would do, rejected the offer. I mean what kind of cheap ass dumb shit offer is that? Who do the Isles think they are? They act like there are players lined up to play for this shit team. Good try, but no. No one wants to play for the Isles, no one. I’m sorry but it’s true. Accept it and start using it to keep talent in New York.

If you want to hold on to a stud like Vanek you need to pay him top dollar to get him to stay or he’s going to a team that matters, a team that wins. I know it sounds harsh but this was such a no effort bullshit offer. They probably just figured he wasn’t going to stay anyway so they just threw something at him so they could tell the fans “well, we tried”. No you fucking didn’t try.

Yes, I get that losing Vanek opens up cap to bring in some young players to fill in the talent gaps in the roster, but I don’t think that’s what the Isles need. They need another superstar. They can’t just keep leaning on Tavares to do everything and hope that Okposo won’t go back to his normal under-performing self. No more hopes and dreams people. Get me some cold-hard talent and lock him the fuck up. Give me a line that is going to bring it every night for the next three or four years. The Vanek-Tavares-Okposo line was everything you could have hoped for as an Isles fan, and they couldn’t hold onto it.


2 thoughts on “Isles Get The Magic Line They Needed, Promptly Offer Vanek a Shit Deal To F*ck Everything Up

  1. Here’s the problem. The Isles are already offering Vanek too much precisely because they have so many other lineup issues. Fact is, he shouldn’t be insulted that the team is offering more than they should for one guy instead of taking that dough a spreading out over multiple pieces that they can build on.

    Maybe if he likes NY and really wants to get paid he needs to look across the river.

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