Devils Get Destroyed At Yankee Stadium And All I Can Think About Is How Awesome Jagr Is

Watching this guy work just never gets old. No pun intended. I should be writing about how the Rangers flat out embarrassed the Devils, but all I can think about is how Jag-Money is the biggest OG the hockey world has ever seen.

That nasty assist he had on Elias’s second goal was a perfect example of how he keeps going strong at the highest level. The dude does mental laps around everyone. He’s just flat out the smartest guy on the ice at all times. The patience he showed to wait Lundqvist out and then dish it back for the goal was just pure genius. My love for Jagr went from life-long fan to full blown man crush during that one play.

Jagr’s last couple seasons have been some of the funnest to watch of his career. We watched him transform his game into something completely different. He went from a big, strong, fast, goal scoring machine, into a smart, pass-first, play-making mastermind. He went from Mace Windu to Yoda is what I’m saying (Star Wars reference in a hockey article. Mind blown).

Never mind the fact he did it playing on four different teams. Which is another feat in itself. It’s hard to just come into a new team and have good chemistry, it takes time. Not for Jagr though, it seems like you can put him in with anyone and he’s still going to make the guys around him better.

I hope this guy plays until his legs fall off. I mean shit, he’s probably still good for 20-plus points even without legs. It’ll be a sad day when we have to say goodbye to Jag-Money.


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