Ohio Has A Team Worth Cheering For And I’m Jumping On The Band Wagon Early

I said the Jackets were going to be a force in the Metro division before the season started. What do you know, I was right and I couldn’t be more happy about. Not because I’m a cocky asshole, but because I truly just like their squad, and because I’m a cocky asshole. I was driving the Jackets band wagon before it even existed. No big deal.

Their current eight game winning streak has pushed the Jackets (26-20-4) into third place in the Metro division earning them a playoff spot.

Can the Jackets hold on to their ticket to the post season? I have no doubt in my mind that they can, but staying healthy is key. They just not that deep, they need all their stars out there to continue the push to the postseason.

It all starts with Bob. He’s been the team’s backbone since Nash left for New York. If Bob plays well the Jackets win. Simple as that. Getting Horton back adds some extra play making power to their roster that can hold them over until Gaborik returns. Duby has found himself again in Columbus with 34 points in 44 games, Johansen has been a great surprise leading the team with 37 points, and solid players like Foligno and Atkinson have complemented the offense all season.

There’s just no stopping the Jackets right now and I’m loving every second of it. Ohio has a team worth cheering for. Cherish it. Who knows how long it will last.


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