Can Somebody Tell Me Why Dustin Brown Is Soft As Puppy Shit This Season?

What’s wrong with Brown this season? The dude is broken. He’s played 51 games with only 16 points to show for it, getting him demoted all the way down to the third line. You’re the captain and you riding the bench with the third stringers? That’s fugly bro.

The reason I’m on Brown’s ass for playing like shit is purely out of love though. He’s always been one of my favorite players. I mean who doesn’t love a hard hitting American point machine who’s half brain-dead? Dustin’s my boy but the dude went full retard this season. He looks like a clown made of pillows out there. It’s just embarrassing and hard to watch.

Maybe he’s just hurt and doesn’t know it. Maybe his brains finally turned into mash potatoes. Maybe the Monstars from Space Jam came and stole his talent. All are reasonable explanations.

All I know is that he better get it together for Sochi because we snubbed some awesome talent to get this guy on board and he’s playing like a bucket of dicks right now.

PS…you’re killing my fantasy team bro! Step it up or your ass is getting dropped.


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