This Is What Hockey Is Becoming And I’m Not Okay With It

It’s no secret that the NHL has been trying to clean up its long bloody history, but this is too much. It’s not every day you get to see a goalie fight. So when it finally happens you cherish it.

When you see tenders leave their creases and meet at center ice you think to yourself, “Holy shit, it’s happening! The moment is here! This is awesome!” Well, that’s exactly what I thought during the Pens and Habs game last night.

Budaj started chirping and doing some sort of shoulder shrugging fight dance. I guess Flower didn’t like the dance and before you know it helmets were off and we were on our way to an epic goalie fight.

But no, not today. The refs weren’t having it. They broke that shit up faster than a Kardashian marriage. They didn’t even make it pass their own blue line. Just when I thought I was gonna get it, I’m left thinking to myself “what the hell just happened?” I mean talk about a severe case of blue balls.

You can take a lot of things away from the sport I love and get away with it, but goalie fights isn’t one of them. Not even close bro. They have to stay. They’re just too rare and too awesome to be shut down like that. It’s like taking the main event out of Wrestlemania, it’s just madness.

The worst part is that you know the NHL front office is loving the shit out of this. They have these refs brainwashed into stopping these fights before they even happen. Look at how fast the refs react and tell me they haven’t been getting the message drilled into there heads every day.

I’m all for cleaning up the game, but this is going too far.


4 thoughts on “This Is What Hockey Is Becoming And I’m Not Okay With It

  1. I say, as an official, if two willing combatants want to go, let them go and I’ll assess the penalties. As a goalie, there were times I wanted to throttle my opposing goalie. It’s one thing if a guy skates 200 feet to attack his opponent but if two guys want to go and meet at center ice, let it happen. I’ll toss a goalie just like a forward. Besides, there was enough stuff going on. The guys wearing the bands could have just taken numbers and let things work themselves out. Just my opinion. I am, the Worst Ref Ever.

    • See this is the perfect reply. Right from the perfect source. A ref himself saying stopping the fight is absolute bullshit. You can tell these refs didn’t WANT to stop the fight but the NEED to because they were told over and over and over to clean the game up. I can stand cleaning up the game, but no goalie fights is just madness. Just like you said. They were both willing opponents in the fight. Let it happen!

  2. let em go at itttt

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