I Think It’s Safe To Say The Canucks and Flames Hate Each Other…

Can every game from now on start like this one did? There were like 10 guys trying to kill each other before my ass even hit the couch to watch the game. I mean look at the sin bin just two seconds into the game. I know the Canucks and Flames have a history but damn I didn’t know the hatred ran this deep.

Of course Tort tried to handle the problem rationally by picking a fight with the entire Flames roster and coaching staff in the hallway. Such a Tort move. Fights break out and he wants to kill everybody.

Yes, everything Tort does just makes him look more and more like a deranged maniac, but I really have a problem with the Flames head coach (didn’t even look up his name, this pussy ain’t worth a Google). This dude hid behind his team like a little bitch both on the bench and outside the locker room. If you’re going to start a game with your fourth line looking for a puck-drop brawl, you know crazy-ass Tort is gonna come after you, and you better have the nuts to hold your own.

The Flames are a joke and now they are on my shit list. I never thought I would say these words but I’m actually glad the Canucks won last night. Fuck the Flames. I wish Tort just started bitch slapping each and every one of them in that hallway, someone needs a good slap in the face in Calgary.

Watch the post-game interviews…


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