Tatar Scores A Goal For His Father Before Going to His Funeral. Tears For Days.

Tat’s dad passed away a few days ago, but when the Wings played the Kings last night, Tat took the ice. The Wings won the game 3-1 and Tat scored a goal and added an assist.

Keep in mind he’s is only 23 years old. This is some sad shit. Losing my mother at the same age, I really feel for this kid. Watch him point to the sky after his goal, that’s a powerful moment right there. Take a minute and feel that shit.

Moment’s like that show you sports can be more than just a game. After a loss like that it feels like nothing can make it better, then you hit the ice. I’ve been there, I’ve done it. You feel like they’re watching every move you make and it makes you play harder.

My favorite part of this story was what coach Babcock said in the interview following the game. Cue the tears…

“The way you honor your father and your mother and your past is by continuing to do what you should do and playing hard and doing things well,” Babcock said. “He’s going to have a different relationship with his dad now.

“I lost my mom early, too, and I pray to my mom every night during the national anthem. I never, ever wanted to let her down. He can be the same way. His dad is here with him. It’s a different kind of relationship, but it can still can be one that’s real supportive for me.”


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