Okposo Just Trolled All Over The Team USA Selection Board With This OT Winner.

Okposo is second in points out of all Americans-born players this season and you’re telling me we don’t have room for him on our squad? I’m not saying the USA selection board is hating on Ok…but the USA selection board is fucking hating on Ok. He’s got 42 points (16 goals, 26 assists) on the season, with 13 points during his current NHL leading eight game point streak. What else does the guy have to do to prove himself worthy? I mean c’mon!

I’m sick of hearing all this bullshit about how he and Ryan are not intense enough to make the cut. Not intense enough? Really? The dude has 42 points in 42 games! That’s not intense enough for you? I mean what is the fucking deal America? Give me a real reason why we are turning a blind eye to all this talent right in our faces.

Howie Rose on Okposo getting snubbed proves my point exactly. Just straight disrespect. It’s nonsense.


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