6 Tips To Help You Win Your Fantasy Hockey League

I like helping others, so here’s six tips that will help anyone win there fantasy hockey league. 

Go For Talent Not Stats

There’s going to be times when you see a guy you’ve never heard of before on the waiver-wire that is scoring in bunches. You might be tempted to add this guy and drop someone on your squad. If you have a no-namer on your team already then go right ahead and drop his ass and pick that other guy up. But never and I mean NEVER drop a guy that has been a consistent NHL contributor for years just because he’s off to a slow start. It’s a trap.

This isn’t football. Hockey is more steady. Players don’t just have a random bad season. I mean it can happen but it’s very rare. There are guys that get around 30-50 points a season, 50-70 a season, and then 70-plus studs. If you drop a 50-70 guy just because he’s off to a slow start you’re going to find yourself seeing him on someone else’s team at the end of the season with (what do you know) 50-70 points. You just have to stay patient, it’s a long season.

It’s All About Average Points-Per-Game

When you’re playing head-to-head the single most important stat for a player is average points per game (APG). Not goals, not assists, not shots, not hits. Points per game. This stat defines how good a player is for you. A player could have 20 goals but he barely shoots or hits and might never play on the power-play, and that will show in his APG. Players that average three points are solid, guys with over four points per game are studs, anyone under three are questionable, and if you have a guy that averages under two points you’re stupid.

Go After Winning Tenders and Save Monsters

Stay away from the middle man. I’m talking about tenders that play for a sub-par 500 team who don’t get a lot of shots. These guys aren’t getting the wins or the saves to add value to your squad. You want tenders on division leading teams with great offense so you can rack up the wins. Your goalie has a nice safety net on these teams because he can give up three or four goals and still pick up the win and get you points.

Now on the other spectrum, when all the stud tenders are gone go for the ones that have a bad defense in front of them and just eat saves for days. Yes they might have given up three or four goals and lost the game, but they got you 40 saves and those points add up. Even better, when they do get you the win the points are off the charts because its a win with a billion saves. These games can be a deadly blow to your head-to-head opponent. (The studs are Fleury, Rask, Bishop, Neimi and the save monsters are Pavalec, Ward, Nabokov)

All-Around Players Are Most Valuable

Don’t just go for danglers. These guys rely too heavily on scoring to get you points. If they don’t score they put up donuts on your fantasy scoreboard. You need those guys that without scoring still go out there and get six shots, four hits and a penalty every game. These guys are consistent. On a bad day they will still get you two points which isn’t too bad. Even better, when they do have a big game and score a couple, the points are crazy good. (Players like Backes, Brown, Evander Kane, Lucic)

Have As Many Power-Play Players As Possible

Those extra power-play points really add up throughout the season so you want as many PP players on your squad as humanly possible. Do your research, see who plays the man advantage and make sure they are on your team. Simple as that.

Now go out there and take your friends for all their worth. Losing is not an option.

What do you think?

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