Chelers Struggle As They Try And Think Of Their Celebrity Crushes

This came out last month, but I just came across it again today and remembered that I never did a write up on all the amazing things in this video. Let’s do a countdown of the best parts of this video shall we: 

6. Dan Boyle has a thing for naughty girls with the throwback Pam Anderson pick. I like your style Boyle.

5. Little bitch Crosby picks girl next door Jennifer Garner. You fucking would kid.

4. Taylor Hall is the most awkward little boy in the world and his mind almost explodes before answering the fucking question.

3. Ovi is obviously just sitting there trying to come up with one actress he can remember that has a name he almost pronounce in English.

2. Couture’s crush is Selena Gomez. Interviewer: “She’s a bit younger than you.” Couture: “Yes.”…Couture you dirty dog you.

1. Tuuka drops the bomb on Beyonce. Didn’t see that one coming at all but it just made me respect Tuuka that much more.

Have to admit, the lineup they put together ain’t to bad. Good team work boys.


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