Rivalry Night Recap: The Rangers Are Straight Embarrassing At Home


Yep. Pretty much sums up Ranger fans right now.

Okay, this is getting hard to watch. Six games into their nine game home-stand and the Rangers are 1-5? 1-5 bro? Really? And Lundqvist, supposedly the greatest goalie on the planet right now, is full of holes. I mean the dude has a .883 save percentage this month. That’s not just bad, that’s horrible bro. Those numbers are gross. To his credit, he stoned half the Penguin bench before giving up the game winner but that doesn’t mean shit when your studs can’t put the biscuit in the basket when it counts the most. Your goalie finally gets you the stops in crunch time (something he hasn’t done in weeks) and you STILL find a way to lose. I know the Pens are a good team, but they’re banged up right now with injuries and suspensions. You gotta take advantage of that shit and stop the bleeding!

“It’s the coaching, it’s the coaching”. FUCK THAT NOISE. Look at your team New York. They’re slow, they don’t capitalize, and your tendy is made of swiss cheese. It’s not the fucking coaching, they are just playing like a bag of dicks. End of story. I’m not saying there’s no hope for the Rangers, because I truly like their squad and think they can turn it on if they take their heads out of their asses. But until that happens it’s just going to be an ugly mess. The Islanders come to The Garden tomorrow night , who have been god awful this year. If you can’t come out of that game with a W, pack em up.


Goal of the night. #1 Star of the Game.


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