Why Isn’t Patty Kane In The Discussion For Captain America?

I know it sounds crazy but it needs to happen.Many would say that he doesn’t play physical enough to be Captain America. Those people are stupid. Kane is the most talented American in the game right now. Parise and Kessel come close but can’t touch Kane right now. I know talent doesn’t define a captain, but just look at his resume already. The dude has two cups and is just hitting his prime (projected 106 points this season). The sky is the limit for this guy. He’s electric. Winning just gravitates to him. I’m telling you, Kane is going to light shit up come February. If we win the gold, he will be our MVP.

Don’t get me wrong, I know the great players already in line for the job (Callahan, Parise, Brown, Backes) but why isn’t Kane in the picture? Why is he not at least mentioned? I’m not saying he SHOULD be the captain but he SHOULD be considered. Those that know me know I slurp Kane. He’s my favorite player to watch hands down. What he does on the ice is what makes hockey the greatest sport in the world. But put all bias aside and just think for a minute. Could Patty Kane be Captain America? Why not? He’s got my vote.

The peoples’ champ…


What do you think?

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