Brutal Hit. But I’m Okay With It.

Watch the full speed hit. Holy shit bro. Couldn’t tell you who the hell Tom Wilson is but the dude just put an end to Brayden Schenn last night, and I’m okay with it. Here’s why. I know what a lot of you are thinking, FUCK OFF BRO THAT SHIT WAS ILLEGAL. But those people would be stupid. TW hits Schenn on his side in clear view and is gliding NOT CHARGING at him. Schenn is just prancing around like he’s walking his dog in the park and BOOM, 6’4 210 lbs of man in your grill, say goodnight.

Let’s not penalize TW for getting big. This is a good check. Yes it looks bad because it’s in the 12 inch death realm from the boards, but if you’re skating in the most dangerous part of the ice you better have your head on a swivel. Don’t get me wrong, I feel for Schenn, but you would be ignorant to believe that was anything more than just a good hard hockey hit.


What do you think?

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