Thorton Got What He Deserved. Cue The Crazy B’s Fans.

First, keep in mind that I’ve been a die-hard Bruins fan all my life. ┬áSecond, watch the video of Thornton losing his mind against Orpik and tell me why he doesn’t deserve 15 games. I mean, that was some barbaric shit. Yes, I understand Orpik tried to murder Loui, but that doesn’t mean you pull the dude to the ground when he isn’t looking and begin unloading on his face. That’s not how we take care of business in Boston. Wait it out and drop the mitts like a man, you’re better than that Thorty. If the dude doesn’t want to throw down with you then embarrass him by showing everyone how big of a pussy he is for not fighting you. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t WANT to see Thornton out this long, but I’m not going to be ignorant and pretend he doesn’t deserve it. Watch the interviews with him after he did what he did. The dude knows he got what he deserved.


4 thoughts on “Thorton Got What He Deserved. Cue The Crazy B’s Fans.

  1. Reblogged this on Walt's Hockey Blog and commented:
    There has been all this talk about “the code” and how Orpik should “man up” or “own up” to his actions. It was clean hit. And what chapter does this “code” say anything about horse collaring a guy and punching him on the way down. Square up! A few more years, guys like Thronton will be out of the league. Too much talent out there to waste a spot on a guy that can only fight.

  2. Orpik didn’t hit Marchand, that was Neal and he was suspended. Orpik hit Erickson in the beginning of the first and that’s why Thorton went after Orpik.

  3. Fuck your right. I fixed it. Got the facts messed. I appreciate the good looks my dude. You da man.

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