Men’s League Player Poops in Other Player’s Glove. Promptly Get’s Banned For Life.

How A Senior League Hockey Fight Ended With One Player Pooping In An Opponent's Glove

This dude just took retaliation to the next level.

Deadspin Zung Nguyen, a 37-year old defenseman for a Boston-area men’s hockey league, became an instant legend for this single sentence:


Players on both sides say Bermingham won the fight clearly—”beat the crap out him,” to use one’s unfortunate phrase. Both players got unsportsmanlike conduct majors, and game misconducts; their nights were done. As they skated back to their respective locker rooms, a still-furious Nguyen hurled one of Bermingham’s gloves over the glass into an empty section of seats.

Just after the second period began, Nguyen emerged from his locker room and went into the seats near where he had thrown Bermingham’s glove. Teammates thought Nguyen was going to see his girlfriend, who had come to watch him play. Soon after, he went down to the corner of the arena, a semi-secluded area near where the Zamboni enters the ice. Other players on the bench saw him squatting there, but didn’t think anything of it at the time. He then returned the glove to its original spot in the seats.

Midway through the second period, Bermingham came out of his locker room. He had showered and changed and was ready to crack open a beer but needed to collect the last of his scattered equipment. Bermie went into the seats where it had landed, picked it up, and put his hand in.

Inside, shit. Fresh, wet, warm, pungent human shit. Bermingham held the glove at arms length and immediately ran alongside the dasher to hand it to a referee. He then stormed off to the locker room.

The referees immediately declared the game a forfeit win. The next morning, the league banned Nguyen for life, with no refund on his entry fee. Since he was signed up for three teams at once, he was out $1500.

This dude gets the shit kicked out of him in a fight and his first reaction is to drop a loaf in your mitts. That might be as hardcore as it gets when it comes to Men’s League. I have to admit, I’m kind of impressed with this guy Nguyen who played a full period with a shit on the way. That’s not easy to do. I don’t know about you, but I need to empty the tank before I hit the ice. You might be gone forever Nguyen but you’re not forgotten. Forever unclean.


5 thoughts on “Men’s League Player Poops in Other Player’s Glove. Promptly Get’s Banned For Life.

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  2. Why in the world would he put that glove on after the game had concluded. Critical error LOL.

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