Awesome Fantasy Hockey Team Names To Consider This Season

Here’s some awesome fantasy hockey team names that I’ve come across. Comment with more team names!

  1. Who Shattenkirk’s Bed
  2. Never Go Full Kopitard
  3. I Pucked Your Sister
  4. Soft Dump in the Corner
  5. Malkin in the Middle
  6. Kane I get a Hell Yeah?
  7. In the Backe Door
  8. Level 33 Charazard
  9. A Fluery of Semin
  10. Don’t Toews Me Bro
  11. Jesus Marian Hossa
  12. Bro’s Before Hossas
  13. Boats and Hossas
  14. Peter North’s Stars
  15. Hartnell, Bednar, Fasther, Pronger
  16. She Slobbered My Nabokov
  17. Hejda’s Gonna Hate
  18. 2Hot2Yandle
  19. Frolik My Balls
  20. Tickle My Bickle
  21. Prusty Trombones
  22. Puck Me Like You Mean It
  23. Pekka-chu I Choose You
  24. The Goon Squad
  25. Double Penner Tration
  26. Giroux’ve Got to be Kidding Me
  27. Everyday I’m Byfuglien
  28. Lucic and Chong
  29. Taxicab Kanefessions
  30. Scooby Dubnyks
  31. Benn There, Doan That
  32. Kesslemania XXX
  33. Callahan Auto Parts
  34. Natural Born Hillers
  35. Team Pup N Suds or Team X Bladez

Personal favorite: Soft Dump in the Corner.


28 thoughts on “Awesome Fantasy Hockey Team Names To Consider This Season

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  2. …and my personal favorite: Crosby Laichs Semin

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  5. franzen my balls off

  6. She eats Wotherspoon
    More Nichushkin for the pushkin’

  7. how about “Rubbed her Clitsome”

  8. I saw a rec team that was named Easton Fection. Had to say it a couple of times in my head before I figured it out.

  9. Cruisin4a Bertuzzien

  10. Hard In The Slot

    Back Door Beautys

  11. Nate MacKinnon All The Broads

  12. I came up with the Wrecking Staals and if anyone is good enough to photoshop a picture of Eric Staal onto Miley Cirus’ wrecking ball that would be unreal

  13. Filpulla cup champs

  14. “I Kane, I Shaw, I Conachared”… or whatever fits into your character limit.

  15. Bros before Hossa has to be the best for sure. Might have to steal that one next season. Thanks. Funnily enough I played for a team called the Peter North Stars with the old Minnesota Jerseys!

  16. I wish I ws in the fantisy team

  17. Multiple Scorgasms

  18. Phil had a phanuef of this

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