Fuck Standard Scoring. This is How Real Men Set up Their Fantasy Hockey League

If you play fantasy hockey with standard scoring you have baby balls and I have zero respect for you. This is how real men set up their leagues:

  • Hits (0.3) pretty basic
  • Shots (0.3) easy
  • Blocked shots (0.3) Three blocked shots almost equals a full point. If your willing to jump in front of a slap shot, you deserve 0.3 points each. Plain and simple.
  • Penalty minutes (0.5), Yes a fight is ABSOLUTELY worth 2.5 points. Still less than a goal but you give bruisers the opportunity to make a difference every week. Just like they do in real life. If gloves are dropped, points better be involved.
  • Saves (0.2), 1 point every five saves is more than fair and makes picking a goalie high priority. Again, just like in real life.
  • Game winning goals (extra 1) These are your clutch play-makers, clutch plays should be given extra attention.

If you’ve played hockey you know that you can play a great game and have nothing to show for it on the scoreboard, it just happens. It’s the way of the game, and that should be represented in your fantasy league. These changes will TRULY make your fantasy experience way more realistic than standard league scoring. Trust me.

The rest is the same:

  • Goals (3)
  • Assists (2)
  • PP point (extra 1)
  • Short handed point (extra 2)
  • Goalie wins (5)
  • Goals against (-1)
  • Shutout (extra 3)

3 thoughts on “Fuck Standard Scoring. This is How Real Men Set up Their Fantasy Hockey League

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