NHL 14 Demo: What’s Awesome and What Sucks

What’s Awesome:

  • New fighting engine

I get jacked up to fight again! Last year fighting was a big waste of time and as unrealistic as it gets. That’s not the case this year. Get ready to drop the mitts a lot. I’ll be throwing bows for days. Just one thing that’s a little weird. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE that fights will get a black eye or start bleeding. This is hockey EA, not Braveheart.

  • NHL 94 is crack

So addicting and it’s perfect for a quick high. (I swear I don’t do drugs). No rules, huge hits, blazing slap shots. Why the hell not?

  • One-touch dekes

Breaking ankles has never been so easy. Give me another week to get them down and I will be undressing newbies all over the internet. No one is safe.

  • Checking

Checking feels more fluid and the physics are more realistic. Bone crushers feel like bone crushers.

Not a bad job upgrading this mode.

What Sucks:

  • Skating is pretty much the same

I don’t know if it’s just me but I can’t really find the different in the skating mechanics too much. They said the defense would be smarter too. Maybe I’m just too good, but I don’t see the difference. I can still blow by fuckers like nothing.

  • Popular Players with generic faces

Nuff said.

  • Live the life is mode was just a video. No gameplay.

EA. You blue ballin SOBs!


3 thoughts on “NHL 14 Demo: What’s Awesome and What Sucks

  1. Just think its stupid that a 75 and below overall players out skate the 85+ overall players just because its the computer. Also think ea put in some stupid computer advantage because no matter what the puck always goes to the computer and you lose it for no reason when the computer is with in 10 ft of you. Game is retarded. Game would be way better if no matter the difficulty the weaker players controlled by the computer are actually weaker players.

  2. once again worthless EA makes another shitty game. They should all rot in hell

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