Jagr Says This Will Be His Last Season

Say it ain’t so Jags.

Yahoo Sports – A new post on his official Facebook page about his training regimen and diet included this line about the 2013-14 season:

“It looks like it will be my last season, so I can’t be too risky.”

Grew up watching this guy tear it up. An absolute childhood hero right here. It’s gonna be a sad day when he finally does hang em up.

But who the hell knows what’s really going to happen. It’s Jagr. The guy is half brilliant, half insane, half swag monster. No one can predict what’s going on in Jagr’s head, it’s impossible. I don’t care if he went on the record and said it will be his last season, I won’t believe it until I see it.

Mark my words, if he has another solid season he’ll sign another one year deal with a different team again next year.

Pittsburgh: 11 seasons, 1079 points

Washington: 3 seasons, 201 points

New York: 4 seasons, 319 points

Philadelphia: 1 season, 54 points

Dallas: 34 games, 26 points

Boston: 11 games, 9 points

New Jersey Prediction: 1 season, 45 points

What do you think?

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