Who In There Right Mind Would Buy This?

Media preview

If you would actually spend your hard earned money on Andrew Shaw’s bloody pubic hair looking face stitches I seriously question your life decisions and ability to function as a normal human being. I heard Toews took a shit between periods in game six. Should we sell the teepee he wiped his ass with? Let’s go with $100 per sheet and throw that at charity too.

I mean where the hell are you going to hang this thing? I can only imagine the dude that’s dumb enough to buy this completely forgettable piece of hockey history . “Hey bro. Check out my framed Andrew Shaw autographed face stitches.”

If I walked in your house and saw this on your wall I would slap the shit out of you. There’s gotta be better ways to raise money for charity boys. We ain’t that desperate I hope.


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