If You’re a Blackhawks Fan, The Predators Don’t Want Your Ass in Nashville

Keep the red out.

NHL.com – The Predators recently announced they will not sell single-game tickets to their three home games (Nov. 16, Dec. 17 and April 12) against the Stanley Cup champions. To attend those games, fans will have to purchase tickets to a second game as well. 

Looks like Nashville has been drinking their hater-ade. Apparently Chicago has been taking over Nashville when the Blackhawks are in town and the Predators have resorted to this.

Many are referring to the campaign as “keep the red out”. Nashville said they are enforcing this in order to give the Predators the best home field advantage as possible. Is this the first time in history that a team was afraid of another teams fans?

It sounds a lot like that. You’re telling me you think the Predators will play better if there were less Chicago fans in the building. We’re watching an organization bully a rival team’s fans. Chicago fans just scared your organization. Damn. The bar has been raised people. Take note.


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