Rob Zombie is Making a Movie About the Broad Street Bullies.

Yes please. – Rob Zombie’s next movie will focus on the 1970′s Philadelphia Flyers, better known to hockey fans as the Broad Street Bullies.

Zombie says that the script was the hardest part about the project but it has been finished and is ready for shooting. As far as actors go, the director says that hockey is the hardest sport to try and replicate on film.

“You can easily be able to fake playing baseball or football, but hockey,” Zombie said, stroking his beard, “Those guys are superior athletes and I think we’re going to need to find actors who are already good skaters or players who are good actors.”

I’m beyond pumped for this. I cannot wait to see who they cast, and who better to direct this than crazy ass Rob Zombie. Love the quote about how hockey players are superior athletes to baseball and football. You can’t fake hockey.


What do you think?

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