NHL14’s New Live the Life Mode A.K.A. My REAL Life is Over Mode

My life is over, I’ll call you when I’m on the cover of NHL14.

EA released this trailer yesterday and words cannot describe how much my girlfriend is going to hate me for being dead to the world come September 10th. If you’re a dick, your team will trade you. If you’re a boss, the fans will love you. If you drop the gloves and fight like a man, you’re team will respect you.

So you scored 30 goals last year in Be A Pro? Cool bro. My team respects me so much they made me god damn captain and fans line up outside the locker room every day to make sure my shit don’t stink. Now that’s awesome. Well played EA.

I just hope eventually they add in how getting wasted before a game effects your play on the ice. How cool would that be? Shit, my stats have sucked all week, maybe I should stop pulling all-nighters at the bar and play some hockey. That’s they type of decisions I want to be making in Live the Life mode. It’ll come with time. Hire me EA, I have ideas for days.

Are you guys as pumped as I am?


What do you think?

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