Why Is Timmy Thomas Still a Free Agent?

Why hasn’t anyone picked up Timmy T yet? I’m looking at you Panthers. Ditch the Swiss cheese sitting on your roster and invest in some real talent. Florida has a huge gap to fill between the pipes after posting the NHL’s worst record last season, and giving up a league leading 171 goals. The team allowed over 3.5 goals against per game while only netting 2.3 goals of offense. Those numbers are ugly.

So why not throw a one-year contract Timmy T’s way? I know he’s pushing 40 years old but we’re talking about a Stanley Cup Winning MVP with a .921 career save percentage and a 2.41 goals against average. You’re gonna tell me that’s not worth a look?

Let’s face it, the Panthers are a joke. What do they have to lose at this point? The team won an embarrassing 15 games last season, that’s miserable. The Panthers have the cap space, and Timmy has the talent. Better yet, no one else is going after this guy so grab him at a discount while you can. It’s a no-brainer. You can’t expect to have a winning season when you’re putting up -59 goal differentials boys. Ditch the zeros and get with the hero. Stop dicking around and pick this guy up before it’s too late.


What do you think?

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