Week Recap: Everything That Went Down This Week (12 Posts)

Every Sunday I writeup a week recap of everything that went down in the hockey world this week. Your welcome.

The 2013-14 schedule was announced.

NHL players are going to play in the 2014 Olympics.

Fans went CRAZY about the new division alignments and names. Birth of the Metrosexual Division.

The Heat won best team over the Blackhawks at the ESPYS

Jagr blued balled us on Twitter changing his background to Flyers fans but not releasing any real info. Not cool bro.

Oh, and he might be an alien cyborg after uploading this Facebook video

Watch the video

King Dit Wit Dustin Brown got a 8-year extension.

The Flyers murdered the Free Market

The days of dangling on the computer in NHL are over. EA releases trailer of new hockey I.Q. system.

NHL 14’s enforcer mode is dope and fighting looks like it’s going to be 1,000,000,000 times better than last year

NHL 14’s throwback NHL 94 mode might be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Crombeen vs. Rinaldo won round 1 of the Best Fight of 2013 Competition

Burnsy won the vote for Best Playoff Beard of 2013

Roenick went balls out catching passes from John Elway at the AC Championship

PK loves boats and hoes

We found out Wayne Simmond’s crew can kick all our asses

Duche and Pauly Walnuts crushed the suit game at some rando wedding over the weekend.

Andrew Shaw went to jail with the Stanley Cup I guess.

Kovy’s retirement might have reasons other than money.

We found out why Chara didn’t get the NHL 14 cover

Ovi’s banana shorts took over the docks

Kes Dog gansta faced all over the lake.

Kane is still a better than you.


4 thoughts on “Week Recap: Everything That Went Down This Week (12 Posts)

  1. Ovie has that pure athletes body… Like a pure bred pit bull, just muscles on top of muscles

  2. I think you might need to alter your definition of pure bred pit bull…

  3. I think you might need to alter your definition of sarcasm

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