King Dit Wit Gets 8-Year Extension. Good on Ya Brother.

Dustin Brown has macaroni and cheese for brains, but he’s worth every dime of his 8-year extension. I don’t care that he can’t count or tie his skates. When he’s on the ice he’s a monster and that’s what matters.You can’t find a more dedicated and gritty captain in the league. The dude would take a skate to the jugular if that’s what it took to win. This guy lives, breathes, and sleeps hockey. Who cares if he can’t wipe his own ass, he’s got assistants to do that for him. Brown, now 28,  has 181 goals and 388 points in 641 games throughout nine seasons with the Kings, never mind dishing out 300 hits per year. King Dit Wit was born a King and he’ll die a King. Good on ya brother. Don’t ever change.


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