Is There Anything Cooler than Getting Drafted into the NHL by Your Dad Marty Broduer? The Answer is No.

Yes, the Devils traded for Schneider. Which means one thing. Marty, we love you but your days are numbered. So what does he go and do? Maybe the coolest thing ever. He’s drafts his 18 year old son Anthony himself. I’m having a tough time thinking of anything better than this. You won a million dollars today? Cool bro, I got drafted by the same team as my hockey legend dad, by my dad, in the same position as my dad. And don’t think for a second this kid is getting fathered into the NHL, he can stop the rubber. Goal tending at St. Mary’s prep is no joke. Last year this kid put up a stellar .923 save percentage and a nice 2.48 goals against average. The talent is there. The potential is there. Being a star goal tender in the NHL is ingrained in this kid’s DNA. Soon. Just wait and see.


What do you think?

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