ESPYS Recap: Heat Win Best Team Over Blackhawks. Sid Wins NHL Player of the Year.

Am I’m surprised? Not one bit. The Blackhawks set NHL history gaining points in 24 straight games to start the season and ended the season sipping champagne from the Stanley Cup after scoring two goals in 17 SECONDS! You can debate all you want on whether the streak was tainted with overtime losses but that’s not what we are talking about here. This isn’t a debate about streaks people. This is about who is the better TEAM.

How many minutes did the Heat’s third-string point guard play in the playoffs? I couldn’t tell you, cause I don’t know who the hell he is. You know why? Because in the NBA your best players are on the floor almost every minute of every game. That’s not the case in the NHL. You’ve got a minute and a half and your tagging out. That’s how the sport works. Any group of players can get you that W on any given night. Sometimes it’s your studs, sometimes its some goon on the third line going hard to the net and lighting the lamp in overtime. Hockey is the ultimate team sport. Yes, I’m bias. But am I ignorant? No. Wake up ESPN. I get the inner-cities want to see basketball. I get that not everyone can just pick up a stick, strap on some skates and go. But if you’re going to create an award for best team, give it to the best TEAM, not the guys we saw on ESPN the most. That’s a completely different award.

Of course the Blackhawks deserved to win, but this is ESPN and hockey is still that weird kid on the playground that no one wants to play with. Maybe next year. But don’t count on it.

Barry takes it to Steven A…easier said then done. And for that we thank you.

In other news, Sid the Kid nabbed NHL player of Year. Tavares got robbed. That’s his award. No question the guy put a team on his back all the way to the playoffs.


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