Decripting Jagr’s Weird Facebook Video.

Can somebody tell me what I’m looking at? Jagr might be an alien terminator. Anyone speak alien terminator? Watch the video.You know this guy’s a star when he’s shot balls, in a dark room, rocking gigantic sunglasses, speaking some unknown intergalactic language and fans STILL just want to know what team he’s going to play for. Jagr was given a license to kill a long time ago. The dude could be in cuffs looking at life in prison and fans would still be like “still no word on where’s Jagr’s playing yet?”

So I guess Yahoo! got in touch with Swarzenegger to decrypt this video into human language and got, “As for my next job here in the NHL, I have to say that I see a lot of black,” Jagr pointing at the black glasses.

Maybe?…just maybe.


What do you think?

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