An Avalanche of Swag is Coming This Season and No One Can Stop It

Let’s make this simple. The Avs are bad. But I’d be god damned if I didn’t think the Avs are one of the most swagged out teams in the league. With the second ugliest record in 2012 (16-25-7), they spent most of their time getting undressed by almost every team in the NHL. Can swag help the Avs win more games? No…maybe…yes, yes it can, and yes it will! I mean look at this team. I mean REALLY look at them. Why can’t the Avs be contenders next season? How can something so bad look this good?


This year’s number one draft pick. Many have compared this kid (17-years-old) to fellow St. Mary’s player Sidney Crosby. The kid can wheel, YouTube him, and tell me I’m wrong. On top of his speed, Mak’s a point machine putting up 153 points in 102 games with Halifax. Game plan, give this kid the puck and let him do his thing.

Mak driving his truck to practice in full hockey gear. Beats getting dressed in the locker room…I guess.

Put me in coach and watch me go HAM.


“I’m Fried”

Captain Av (youngest named captain of all-time at age 19) and 2012 rookie of the year, Skog is a beast. Goals, assists, and hits for days, this guy does it all. No longer injury ridden, he’ll be able to start next season healthy and ready to take names.


Is it possible to have so much swag that a caption isn’t even necessary?…They answer is yes.

Probably the main reason the Aves even won 16 games last year. With Skog out hurt, Duchene put up 43 points in 47 games on a bad team. This guy can wheel and deal. If he can’t beat you with his feet you bet your ass he’ll beat you with his hands. Look for him to have another 60-plus year next season.

The rest of the pieces:

Coach Roy

My new favorite coach in the league, Patrick Roy. This guy is electric on the bench and has all the respect in the world in Colorado. Love this move by the Aves to get him on the bench to guide this group of young studs.

Many are quick to criticize the Avs goal tending but don’t forget Varlamov is a former first rounder and Giggy (passed his prime) is still a former Stanley Cup winner and MVP, if I was hiring savvy veteran backups, Giggy would be on the top of my list.

Skog and the boys might be the big three, but what about there supporting players?

Steve “I’m down” Downie
Always down to take names and kick some ass. Big hits and instigation are his calling cards, but Downie will surprise you with some point production when he’s hot, but he never forgets his day job.

PA might as stand for Plenty of Assists. This guy is play making mastermind, and underrated one at that. PA can bury the biscuit when he needs too, and will.

Now 33, Tang is a veteran with loads of experience and plenty left in the tank to keep up with the young Avs.

Sometimes lost in the load of young talent on the Avs this kid (23-years old) has been quietly putting up respectable numbers the last couple seasons. Look for Sully to put up another 40 plus points again next year if he stays healthy.

My prediction for the Avs next season:  40-33-9, just watch it happen.


What do you think?

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