Hide the Booze, Hide Your Women, Seguin is Coming to Play.

Is the Kessel trade still haunting me or did the Bruins just trade away another young stud? Seguin will be a top liner in Dallas and I have no doubt he’ll put up big numbers.It was rumored that the Bruins didn’t agree with Seguin’s off ice lifestyle. Boozing, girls, parties, you name it Seguin probably did it. But you know what? I don’t blame him, and no one should? The dude was a Stanley Cup champion his rookie season. I’m just saying if you give a kid the cup, millions of dollars, and let him loose in Boston with Marshy, you can’t really expect him not to live a little. Bruins, you gave Seguin the dream, he was just living it. Haters are gonna hate. Don’t stop the party. Green looks good on ya kid.


What do you think?

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