I’m not saying I’m afraid of the Blue Jackets…But I’m afraid of the Blue Jackets.

Okay, I’m afraid of the Blue Jackets. There, I said it. But you know what? I like it. It was just sad watching Nash trying to lift an entire team out of the dumper year after year. So what did the  Jackets do? They went out and invested, and it looks like they did their homework.

Reasons to be afraid:

  1. Gabby – A sniper with wheels for days, entering prime, he’s going to be a leader on this team just you sit and watch.
  2. Bobby – This year’s young G Man and Vezina Trophy winner, and he’s only going to keep getting better with more reps.
  3. Dubby – Once overrated now underrated hard hitting forward with potential to put up big numbers when he’s hot. He Had one bad season and the Rangers dumped him and the Jackets plan to pick up the trash and turn it back to gold.
  4. Johnson – One of the under the radar great all around defenders in the game. What he lacks in point production he makes up for with smart play making.
  5. Horton – Hard player with soft hands and goal scoring ability. He doesn’t try to do too much but can undress defenders when he wants to.

I’m hopping on the band wagon early. Who’s coming with me!?


4 thoughts on “I’m not saying I’m afraid of the Blue Jackets…But I’m afraid of the Blue Jackets.

  1. Agreed. I’m glad they are moving to the Eastern conference. I feel like people will still underrate them. Probably fly under the radar into the postseason this year.

    • Agreed. I think the Jackets are one more first round pick away from having a contending team for years to come. A lot of young talent.

      • Oh for sure. I don’t think they are cup worthy yet, but definitely dangerous. I think they have the pieces there. It’s just when and how long it will take them develop. Ryan Murray and Ryan Johansen are still 19 and 20. Both will be solid.

        • Yes and Johnson will be a great leader. One on the most underrated defensive I think.

          P.S. Read some of your posts. I like what I see. You made a follower out of me. I dig the story about Federov trying to get players to come to the KHL. Mommy Russia wants in on the action and I don’t like it one bit.

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