Boston’s Boy. We Love You Long Time.

Bergy’s 8-year extension says two things. He is the face of the franchise and an elite figure in Boston Sports.  I mean look at this guy’s resume just this year.

Scored the tying and game-winning goals in one of the greatest comebacks in playoff history.

Played over 17 minutes in game six of the finals with a broken rib and torn cartilage.

Led the league in faceoff wins, winning 61.5% of the faceoffs he took.

Won the King Clancy Trophy, given to the player who best exemplifies leadership both on and off the ice.

This guy shows the heart and soul of hockey every time he takes the ice.

Dear Berg,

Get comfortable.

Love you long time,

Boston Bruins

Jack Edwards loses his mind after Bergy scores game 7 OT against Maple Leafs

Maple Leaf fans react to game 7 OT loss to Bruins

Bergy knots up one of the most epic hockey come backs in playoff history


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