The World is No Longer Safe

The worst picture you will see today. Can somebody please tell me who allowed this to happen? I want names! No one is safe anymore, not when Biebs is feeling up Lord Stanley’s cup. Shouldn’t the cup be the one place we can escape from the Biebs? That random guy that watches the Stanley Cup has one job…Watching the Stanley Cup. Where were you on this one pal? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! Get out the resumes, someone’s getting fired.

Let’s break down everything wrong with this picture,

  1. Biebs putting his hands where they shouldn’t be.
  2. The Bieber Blackhawks jersey. Number 6 forever unclean!
  3. Wearing sunglasses INSIDE the locker room.
  4. No Selena.

Does that cover just about everything?…

2 thoughts on “The World is No Longer Safe

  1. there’s a shot of him pulling his best Xavier Laflem impersonation and standing on the logo of the floor….rule #1 never disrespect the crest by walking on it…can’t stand biebs

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